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A SIM card is a smart card placed inside mobile phones and smartphones. It is a standard created by ETSI to ensure greater security for the operator’s network. It securely stores the data of its users and their applications based on data encryption, which takes place inside the SIM card itself. It is your identity with the chosen MNO.

Depending on the memory capacity, size, format and functionalities you need, Valid offers an entire portfolio of SIMs tailored to your needs.

Available in different versions such as SIM classic, SIM LTE and SIM LTE Advanced, Valid provides access to an interoperable and removal platform solution compliant to worldwide regulations and fully capable of integrating with 2G, 3G and 4G networks.


Valid provides access to an interoperable and removal platform solution compliant to worldwide regulations.

Different shapes & sizes

From its material to plugins and customization, you name your preferences and we can make it happen. 

Secure connectivity

Data transmission can be more effective and secure than ever, improving consumer experiences.

Solution's Benefits

Learn how the mioSIM Classic solution can enhance your
customers’ connectivity experience. 
mioSIM Adapt

The SIM card comes with precise cuts and pluggable adapters on the side, improving the customer experience with a simple and ready to use solution.

mioSIM Green

Reducing the environmental impact and providing the high standard technical properties of Valid’s mioSIM® product line.

mioSIM LTE Advanced 

Better range of connectivity, significantly improving network speed and frequencies.

Compliant with GSMA Standards

The Valid mioSIM® product line has structure and complete compatibility with the industry standards, including GSMA’s.


To learn more about the capabilities and technical specifications of mioSIM®
products, access our complete portfolio by clicking here.

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Find out a world of possibilities that Valid can offer through smart and secure solutions for identification, mobile and payments. 

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Understand how Valid streamlines and enhances processes, companies, and people with our solutions.

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