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An innovative security solution that goes along with the established eSE and eSIM to bring numerous benefits to a broad range of secure applications and secure connectivity use cases.

An iTRE is a Tamper Resistant Element integrated inside a System-on-Chip (SoC), capable of hosting one or more secure functions such as eSE, SIM and eSIM all together to build a more powerful chip. It is GlobalPlatform and GSMA standards compliant that allows to host subscription management and secure applications such as payment and transportation. It is especially suitable for devices that require small dimensions, low energy consumption, or high levels of accessible memory and/or advanced computing power.

Small dimensions

Low energy consumption

High levels of accessible memory

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Descubra o mundo de possibilidades que a Valid pode oferecer através de soluções inteligentes e seguras de identificação, gestão, conexão e pagamentos.

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iSE/iSIM is an evolution in user privacy security and trusted connectivity

This Valid solution is a security module consisting of hardware and low-level software providing resistance against software and hardware attacks, capable of securely hosting operating systems together with applications and their confidential and cryptographic data.

Our iTRE solution is implemented on a secure enclave that is integrated as a subsystem in an application processor or modem, making up a secure main chip. The iTRE usually has its own processor, RAM, and OTP security storage, as well as a hardware crypto accelerator, a true random number generator, and other components that are the same as those of external secure elements.


High-level of security

Integrated secure element

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