V/eSIM solution for consumer devices.

Ruggedness e improved security to the IoT world.

Valid’s eSIM for IoT is a tiny secure element based on latest GMSA eSIM specification and designed to securely store MNO profiles pushed to the eSIM after it’s soldered into the device during manufacturing. Together with Valid’s eReach Management Services, IoT device makers and service providers can easily provision IoT connectivity for virtually any MNO network from the first use of a device. What’s more, the platform allows seamless subscription management – all from a single global eSIM – across the device’s entire lifespan.

Remote Management

We enable remote management of wireless devices and subscriptions for the entire IoT ecosystem.

Improved Logistics 

We offer eSIMs for the most diverse types of connectivity & environment challenges. 


Secure, encrypted protection to your devices, guaranteeing improved authentication with the mobile networks. 

Solution’s Benefits

Learn how Valid’s mioSIM eUICC for IoT can revolutionize
the IoT ecosystem in the world. 
Improved Logistics

With Valid’s eSIM solution it’s possible to serve a global deployment and virtually all MNOs with a single device variant, dramatically reducing costs for warehousing, logistics, and distribution. 


The Industrial and Automotive grades of mioSIMs eSIM ensure extended lifespan and data retention for longer operation in the field.


By eliminating plugin SIMs, we reduce accidental damage during deployment and ensures that IoT solutions are dust and waterproof while strengthening durability in extreme conditions.

Enhanced Security

The eSIM is soldering during secure manufacturing hardens to tamper resistance and protection against cyberattacks and hacking, all while hosting critical applications and sensitive device data with advanced encryption. 


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Single SKU Simplicity 
Contract Flexibility 
Easy Evolution 

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Successful Cases

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