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eSIM Interoperability as a Service

Offering OEMs a winning opportunity to test new eSIM enabled devices prior to their commercialization.

In order to help the market solve interoperability issues, Valid has launched its eSIM interoperability as a service platform. A free of charge high-value service to help OEMs test MNOs profiles (without real credentials) before the launch of their devices in the market. By doing that, we can solve any issues it would have been encountered in the field and generated problems for the MNOs end-users or the OEM device users.

Gerenciamento gratuito

Oferecemos o gerenciamento de assinaturas gratuito para validação de protótipos das OEMs.


Disponibilizamos os perfis comerciais com certificados de teste, sem risco de fraude, na plataforma.


Tudo é feito de maneira online, segura e com certificação digital.

Solution’ Benefits - eSIM

Learn how the eSIM Interoperability as a Service can streamline and simplify
eSIM devices prototyping to perform better with mobile networks.
Free-of-charge Subscription Management service

Valid provides a high-value free-of-charge subscription management service (SM-DP+ online service) for validating prototypes during their initial stage. 

Seamless eSIM devices

Device makers can enroll and access a service web interface where they retrieve one Activation Code per MNO so their eUICC prototypes, using GSMA’s test certificates (SGP.26), can be validated, no matter the target market.

Profiles with testing certificates

Valid has reached agreements with multiple MNOs from different regions to make their commercial profiles with testing certificates (no fraud risk) available in the SM-DP+ platform in advance.


Valid can provide analytics for test success rates.


Learn more about Valid’s eSIM Interoperability as a Services differentials.

Early detection of interoperability issues at initial prototype stages.
Favorable end-user perception of the brand. 
Increased customer satisfaction and brand image.
Feedback on any profile-device interworking technical issues in advance.
Reduced time-to-market.
Access to a multi-region array of MNO profiles.
Significant savings on customer care calls and costs.
Increased product robustness.
Reduced effort from technical validation staff.
Further cooperation between OEMs and MNOs.

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