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Using its cutting-edge technological expertise, Valid offers exclusive customized solutions to serve all of its clients' needs with excellence.

Valid provides its customers and business partners’ solutions for issuing plastic cards, from plastic with security elements and in different shapes, to cards with magnetic stripe, with chip, contactless and with several value adding services. This solution is ideal for telephone companies, transport companies, for the banking sector and retailers who want a safe product, certified and approved by the largest labels in the market or even by its own private label. In addition to issuing, Valid offers the Technologies migration, customized service to meet different demands, and Consulting services to customers.

Gift cards, transport, banking sector (debit and credit), stores that want their own cards, etc.

Professionals and companies that want to eliminate permanently the use of paper, count on an essential mechanism: the Mobile Signer and Authenticator. It is a tool with legal recognition used to sign and authenticate any electronic file documents and allow accesses using digital certificates. In addition to its practicality and convenience, the solution developed by Valid offers complete safety, ensuring authenticity and preventing frauds in transactions. As a Certifier Authority, Valid is accredited by ICP-Brasil and operates in the entire chain of manufacture and issue process. The company offers its customers the digital signature of tax and legal documents, prescriptions, petitions, etc. Everything electronically and with legal validity, reduction in printing costs and documents storage space. Self-employed professionals can use the solution.

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A doctor can take a Picture of the prescription and sign it digitally with the same value of the original document. Besides, the Authenticator authorizes access for this professional to authenticate and manage issued prescriptions, from the hospital website, for example. 

For better network security, Valid offers SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and Code Signing digital certificates that ensure that the information exchanged between the web application users is available only for the participants of that communication.

These certificates are used in e-commerce, banking transactions, information registration, and confidential personal information, among others. The goal of this solution is to protect software developers and users from possible attacks, invasions and misuse.

Valid also provides free antiphishing monitoring, with continuous security services that notify the website owners in case of phishing attack threat.

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Valid is a first-class Certifying Agency (AC), accredited and certified by the Brazilian Infrastructure of Public Keys ― ICP-Brasil. It has its own infrastructure and specializes in the operation of lifespan and use of credentials based on digital certificates.

The company provides a complete line of services to manage digital certificates, through a specialized team, allied to the use of high standard and performance technological resources. The service line includes two datacenters, managed and maintained by Valid, audited and certified by ICP-Brasil, allying safety, reliability and high availability of the services provided by Valid to its customers.

Valid is prepared to provide Support Service in Digital Certification for any company that wants to become a Certifying Agency.

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The citizen is the keu for Smart Cities. How can we connect with him? Citizen card is the answer.


Smart Cities are the result of the increasingly urgent need to bring our lives toward sustainbility, by using infrastructure, innovation and technology to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental excellent, achieved by:

/ Contribuiting and assuring a sustainable development

/ Increasing the citizen´s quality or life

/ Improving the efficiency of available resources

/ Promoting active citizen participation

The Platform is a managment tool for citizn cards with multiple services. 

Loading mobile organizations in a high customer engagement world requires integrating customer data across multiple sources geranting insights from aggregated information, and then apply those insights in their offline an online marketing channels to drive growth and added value for theis customers.


ln2View© Data Discovery

Unifying data from disparate collection points to provide a single,holistic view of the customers from which exceptional experiences can be delivered.

ln2Focuse Analytics

Leveraging descriptive and predictive analytics to generate insights and drive customer value and improve marketing ROI.

ln2Market@ Engagement Services

Delivering the right message,to the right audience, at the right time,in the right way.


Data Visualization and Exploration:

VALID leverages a variety of data mining, visualization, and statistical tools to explore and analyze large, often complex data sources to uncover patterns and trends that translate to meaningfulinsights.

Data sources can include structured and unstructured data.

Reporting & Measurement:

From operational data reports to high-level executive briefings, VALID's Reporting and Measurement Solutions are designed to provide performance results on customer engagement and marketing initiatives.

Recommended dashboard functionality provides further data visualization and ad-hoc analytical capabilities to identity trends and additional insights.



By integrating data-driven analytic solutions,data processing,strategic program design and testing,  omni-channel  execution  &  reporting and measurement solutions, VALID enables marketing optimization resulting in business growth and revenue.


Valid also helps financial institutions that need security solutions, such as in file transference transactions, interbanking obligations settlement with checks, checks imaging transactions and submission of date to the Clearinghouse of Branco do Brasil. The digital certificates for the financial market provided by Valid are also acknowledged by ICP-Brasil.

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Migration from printed method to electronic is a market trend. In that sense, Valid has created this solution, which adds value to the customers’ communication with their users by turning printed documents in electronic documents. Using dynamic digital channels, the tool can generate a significant cost reduction, increasing response speed and time, with the additional benefit of preserving the environment. In addition to the financial advantages, it allows a more direct and fast “conversation” between the company and the customer. Creating opportunities to use the channel as communication and marketing tool. In order to provide documents dematerialization, Valid counts on digital certification, since this is the only possible way to certify a document legality.

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Transformation of documents, invoices, physical statements into electronic documents signed through digital certification with the multichannel service, providing great costs reduction with logistics and submission of correspondence and generation of additional revenue through the sale of media with digital transpromo and legality of digitalized documents.

Electronic printing is a safe solution for documents that need identification, authenticity and uniqueness. Valid has a unit specialized in manufacturing security printings with variable data. In twenty years of production, it has already printed around 6 million instant lottery tickets, both for the domestic and international markets. 

Lotteries, pre-paid phones, promotional cards, checkbooks, etc. 

When we talk about banking transactions or digital payments, we immediately think about security. Cases of fraud and embezzlement are often the topics of news items, and the fear of carrying out financial transactions over digital channels is real for even the most experienced users of electronic payment systems. To resolve this situation, Valid has made a reality the concept of the generation of EMV tokens to ensure additional security for digital payment transactions, whether in person or not, such as e-commerce, for example. Valid’s solution uses strong cryptography technology to generate numerical sequences that replace the card number and security information. This way, in-person, and even e-commerce transactions are carried out without compromising the card number, thus ensuring additional security to the cardholder, as well as a reduction of cases of fraud to banks and storeowners

Mobile payment, e-commerce transactions, card-on-file transactions.

eReach enables MNOs to remotely provision subscriptions into connectd devices and manage profiles during their lifecycle. Compliant to the GSMA specifications, eReach ensures interoperability and has the flexibility to easily integrate to any system. 

The solution is an enabler for Machine to Machine (M2M) connections including the simple mobile connection of all types of connected machines. And also gives consumers the freedom to remotely connect devices to mobile networks.

Being fully compliant with GSMA remote SIM provisioning specification for M2M and consumer devices it ensure interoperability with eSIMs and platforms from others vendors.


eReach remotely changes the SIM profiles on deployed eSIMs without having to physically change the eSIM itself.

Can be implemented on any form factor and allows MNOs, consumers and service providers to remotely activate subscriptions into embedded SIM cards.

Why eReach

eReach ensures interoperability

The solution is fully compliantwith remote provisioning GSMA standards ensuring interoperability. That means that eReach can manage SIM cards from any vendar compliant with the standards defined by GSMA. eReach can also interact vía standard interfaces with platforms from other vendors in arder to perform profile operations such as download, enable, disable and delete. For the M2M environment eReach includes a full implementation of the SM-SR Change procedure for transfering cards to a different server.

Full control with the Rules Engine

Either for selecting the profiles to be downloaded or to restrict a connection based on a certain condition, a rule can be always inserted at any step of the process.

The Rules engine gives total control of automatic decisions made by the platform when creating. managing or delivering profiles and managing connections with other parties.

Easy integration

lntegrationandflexibilityarethekeyeReachdifferentiators.Theplatform includes the VALID SM-IP module (lntegration Point Module) allowing an easy integrating to any system. The SM-IP module reduces the development needed on the MNO, MVNO or Service Provider sideand reduces the efforts of triggering nonstandard batch operations. This module can also be used to connect with otherparties.


Contactless mobile payments with Valid’s security

HCE (Host Card Emulation) combines the security of a hardware component with the convenience of the cloud. Instead of using a hardware component in a cell phone as the basis for security, everything is based on an architecture in the cloud, in which tokens ensure the security of the payment transaction, and a vault stores the original PANs and the related tokens in a secure piece of hardware.

Host Card Emulation

Convenient, secure and simple to use, payment via mobile devices has proven to be a compelling option for consumers around the world.

Valid’s HCE solution offers much more than contactless payments. The solution is based on payment tokens generated on the Tokens Server, and downloaded to the mobile device. These tokens may be used for a contactless payment session via NFC, or shown on a screen for an e-commerce payment.

Digital payment is a worldwide trend and HCE facilitates the adoption of virtual payment cards combining security and convenience. Offer this experience to your clients!

Benefits of the solution

• Better payment experience for transactions with tokens.

• We offer software architecture that covers everything from the activation of the card to the generation of tokens and the transaction via a payment SDK.

• The solution is approved under the standards of the primary credit card networks.

• Ready to be used for contactless and e-commerce payments.

Valid is close to you, wherever you are

VALID is present all around the world and offers solutions for a wide range of payment, identification and telecom systems.

The company has an innovative and unique production model, enabling it to offer the best solutions for each client.

Get in touch with our experts to learn more about our digital solutions.



Valid offers a complete line of ICP-Brasil digital certificates, for individuals and legal entities, such as e-CPF, e-CNPJ, NF-e, CT-e, SSL, besides those destined to the financial market, such as SPB, COMPE, C3, SEC, CTC, among others.

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Register and traceability of surgical instruments are essential processes so that hospitals and laboratories can comply with Resolution - RDC in 15, of March 15, 2012, from the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency and Surgical Safety Checklist from the World Health Organization.

 Valid is the only company in Brasil to provide the solution of surgical instruments identification, which consists of the use of steel shielded nanocircuits, integrated to a software for management of Material and Sterilization Central (CME). The register and traceability of instruments are made by a software that meets all legal requirements.

 The RFID (radio frequency identification) nanocircuits are compatible with all hospital sterilization and disinfection methods. They are capable of enduring most extreme use conditions, such as immersion in chemicals, autoclaves and other extreme conditions during the entire service life of the surgical instrument. From this concept comes the Smart Surgical Instrument - IcI, developing an important role in patient’s safety and hospital automation process.

The automated process of register and traceability of surgical instruments, the easy reports and historical information access, and compliance with Anvisa rules and WHO regulations, are the main benefits of this solution. 

Valid own facilities and third parties’ facilities, distribution centers and stores are widely contemplated by this exclusive solution. Among its benefits, we can highlight greater efficiency in distribution chain, less disposal of perishable products, better industrial production and sales control and improvement in decision-making and assertiveness. 

For the facilities, to have access to the operation of the entire production chain – assembly line, production hours and expedition – in real time, is an advantage. Besides, there are other benefits, such as agility and accuracy in the corrugated assembly process, replacing manual checking with an automated process (automated Reading and Master Reading) and, in the expedition process, manual and visual checking are replaced with an automated inspection using RFID portals. 

The benefits for distributions centers are the automated reading at receipt and expedition of items; agility in picking operation, movement and storing using collectors or readers embodied in stackers (when integrated with the legacy system) and inventory speed.

 The solution allows stores to capture information that generates intelligence in operation and management of sales points (their own or franchised ones); complete visualization of products movement; customized tags (badges, bracelets and even washable tags sewn on uniforms); agility in receipt, items and inventory checking; reduction of goods and sales losses; feasibility of unwelcome movements (theft) and increase of speed in closing sales in cashiers.

The printers’ cartridges are an example of products that count on RFID technology.

Telephone and technology companies are fully benefited with this Valid solution. With it, it is possible to implement, according to the business strategy of each organization, remote and automated processes to improve and control logistics, guarantee security and monitoring of services, using the M2M concept, machines communicating with machines with nearly zero human interaction. In order to activate mobile communication lines between devices and allow the final customer free choice of his data provider, Valid offers the e-UICC solution, associated with the Subscription Management platform. The differential of the technology created by Valid is flexibility in its integration and use, once the task is simplified, virtually controlling all aspects of a mobile connection from a single control panel.  

Fleet management, inventory control, telemetry and use of sensors for healthcare, are some examples of application of this solution.

Valid has developed the services platform for electronic content management, integrated to the benefits of digital certification, which allows the platform users to have safe access and digital signatures with legal validity, in addition to dematerialize long physical processes, turning them into dynamic electronic processes, with safety, authenticity and legal validity.

In a simple and objective way, the platform integrates digital documents from external and internal customers, anywhere in the world. The system allows the creation of a workflow customized for each customer, meeting all the demands. The major differential is its low implementation cost, since the service is already available in the same infrastructure of Valid Certifying Agency – this providing a safe, redundant and high availability environment.

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Discover VALID´s mioSIM family, our standard and innovative SIM solutions for the telecommunication industry

mioSIM Solutions:

mioSIM Classic: Enables a flexible Java Card product family for GSM an 3G services.

mioSIM LTE: Supports the individual requirements of mobile network operators in the IP-based world of LTE.

mioSIM LTE Advanced: Ensures our customers to get the most out of their LTE investment.

mioSIM ID: Enables the mobile as an ideal platform for strong online authentication,e-government and access control.

mioSIM M2M: Supports the M2M market and its applications in automotive, metering, remote management, industrial data collection.

mioSIM Embedded: Covers upcoming challenges of M2M and Consumer Devices players.

mioSIM Tap´n´go: Combines the classicak SIM card body with a full contactless card for promotions and loyalty.

mioSIM Adapt: Enables a customer friendlier 2FF/3FF/4FF solution for MNOs.

mioSIM Green: Reduces the environmental impact

mioSIM NFC: Allows several contactless applications on the SIM.



Mobile ID provides a secure mechanism for subscribers to identify themselves to any participating electronic service providers.

Mobile ID has changed the entire perspective of transactions. It combines the state of the art of security with extreme convenience, allowing clients to use security sensitive e-services.

For an e-service provider, Mobile-ID is the most cost and time efficient way to provide an authentication method to end-users.


Secutity of Mobile-ID

The security of Mobile ID has remained uncompromides without a single incident since its launch in 2007. VALID PKI- based Mobile-ID slutions is compliant with the following security crypto algorithms:



VALID PKI - based Mobile-OD solution is EAL4+ certified

With the popularization of smartphones, mobile phones reached the status of vital equipment in people’s lives. Counting on that, Valid has developed an exclusive solution that allows the user to have an electronica wallet in his mobile phone (mobile wallet), in which is possible to store debit, credit, transportation and pre-paid cards within the mobile phone. The technology enables several banking transactions to be made through the mobile phone and, for that to happen, several tools are used, in which the customer can select the card, view the transactions history, etc. Valid differential is in the flexibility of customizing the technology for the customer’s demand, in an advisory way. The technologies integration to meet the customers’ demands for customization is the key word in this solution.

Mobile payment, payment card, transportation card, access control, mobile ID.

This solution is an important ally of institutions that need to identify and issue secure documents, with guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity in the production of the most modern antifraud systems. Valid participates in the process, providing services, from manufacturing of base inventory (driver’s license before customization), capture of biographic and biometric data, dematerialization, customization, issuing and delivery of the document, applications development, customers knowledge and information management, training, qualification, maintenance, to the provision of labor (hiring, training and team allocation - mega outsourcing). Everything in a customized, safe and agile way, in compliance with the needs of each customer. We use high security papers, plastic cards, PVC, polycarbonate and teslin (synthetic paper). Printing is made in special laser equipment, engraving, and termotransfer for PVC, through impact and digital offset.   

National Driver’s License (CNH), ID Card, Foreign Person ID, Labor Card, Federal Councils Card, authenticity stamps for documents and inspection.

Losses caused by frauds, falsifications, deviation of goods and smuggling have grown at an alarming rate. Aware of this reality, Valid has a safe and reliable solution of Traceability, capable of monitoring all types of value-added products that justify tracking, including medicines. The solution includes a wide range of technologies, from simple bar codes to high complexity items, such as nanotechnology, allied to advanced information management systems. Valid also safely stores customers’ data in high complexity datacenters.

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It is currently possible to track cold beverages, cigarettes and even medicines, according to the combination of customers’ needs.

Valid Secure Services Hub is the core component of a framework that enables a set of services for Mobile Banking, Couponing, Customer Engagement Management and Electronic Document Delivery. VSSH Server connects User Interface front ends with services back ends through secure channels and appropriated end-to-end encryption, granting integrity and data protection. One of the main advantages of the VSSH is its flexible architecture, which allows appliance of business rules on project time based on a simple but effective workflow-programming interface.

Mobile Banking, Coupons, Loyalty, Marketing

Wearebles are soon to be part of the future banking with aim to create a mores efficient method of interaction and authentication for account holders.


Means of Payment Solutlon lntegrated in a Wearable supporting tradltlonal servlces.

Supports  VISA/MASTERCARD payments and other services like Ticketing, Access, Control, Loyalty, Public Transportation and Couponing.

Benefits of Wear´n´Pay Solution for customers are:

eWallet. Efficient Cashless Payment. Reduce Cashier frauds (qshops, reduce risk of cash loss of potential shop assaults and reduce cash treatment expenses.

Connections. Reservation & Personalized Services. lncrease customer stickiness, increase average revenue per user and increase customer shop rotation(visits).

Accumulate Rewards. Free Gifts & Discounts. Reduce out of  dated or obsolete stocks, increase average revenue per user and increase customer  retention.

CRM. Account Details & Purchase Records. Control your customer profile, control your customer acquisition power and allow highly targeted promotions to maximize revenue.