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Subscription management platform

The mobile devices Market has become more and more popular with terminals that don’t have as main feature the voice mail, but a set of data and the use of this Chanel to deliver different services to its consumers. This is the case of tablets, e-book readers, smart-grids, and many other products that benefit from being connected to what is conceptually defined as the Internet of Things – IoT.

In order to activate mobile communication lines in these devices and provide the final customer the free choice of his data provider, Valid has been promoting the solution of associating an e-UICC to a Subscription Management platform.

e-UICC (Embedded UICC) it means using the M2M SIM Card in SMD format with a software that allows remote and secure access from a control platform and management of mobile signatures, Subscription Manager, in order to enable and control the signature lifespan in a telecom company chosen by the customer. There is, different from the traditional SIM Card that comes associated to a specific company, e-UICC can be activated in different companies.

Valid has been working with regulatory agencies in order to provide its customers e-UICC and Subscription Management solutions suitable to the new business models that are emerging in the M2M market and compliant with the most current rules of the industry.