Valid - M2M SIM Card
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SIM Card M2M

With the line of mioSIM products, Valid offers traditional SIM Cards aimed at application in retail segment, and special products for the corporate segment and of machine-to-machine solutions. In addition to the already known formats, 2FF, 3FF e 4FF, Valid also has in its portfolio SIM Cards in SMD VqFN format ― combinations of special plastics and chips with robust electric features that allow its application in environments with special needs, such as high temperatures, vibrations and need for support and application with aggressive profile of access to the card memory.

Following the market trends and working with the main GSM regulatory agencies, Valid has also been strongly acting in the e-UICC initiative, which allows manufacturing of B2C devices with SIM Cards embodies and capable of being activated in any telecommunication company. To do so, Valid reinforces its M2M portfolio with the Subscription Management platform for SIM Cards activation control and O&M products lifespan.