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Payment Solutions

Valid is one of the main solutions provider for the financial market in the country. For always using advanced technology, a characteristic that makes it different from its peers, it has a narrow strategic alignment with payment methods evolution. Its expertise meets with excellence the major sector demands: safety and agility in transactions, flexibility and convenience to consumers. Its production model is capable of meeting the demands in a decentralized and unique way, with the best operational logistics and customized for each customer. Its major competitive differential is to add value to its customers, through a complete offer of solutions: paper + electronic + chip. The company offers products, solutions and services pro paper with prints and security elements, to magnetic striped cards and chip use, where the security element can have a contact interface or be contactless, thus providing speed and reliability to its customers in its constant search for quality, agility and safety. That is why Valid is one of the main solutions and services providers for this market. Valid is prepared to offer complete solutions according to the new market trends. An example is conjugate within the same dual-interface smart card EMV and Contactless technologies, which allows its customers to make fast and safe payments, in addition to enable access controls, transportation, loyalty and couponing. Another aspect is the convergence between the telecom world and payment methods, in which smartphones, through a mobile wallet, allow dematerialization and provisioning of your smart card to make any kind of payment and secure transactions. The EMV standard is widely adopted and used worldwide, since it offers a high level of security in transactions. Due to the risk and increase of frauds in payment methods segment, including in the US market, as well as the recent agreement made between the credit card companies, financial institutions and store owners, Valid is one of the main company in the United Stated to helps in the migration process to chips, something successful in Brazil and that should be implemented soon, in the next few years.


These are some of the solutions offered for Payment Methods: