Valid - Mobile Solutions
We have our own SIM Cards
and R&D systems to meet
different sector demands

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Mobile Solutions

Valid has a relevant market share in telecommunications, a segment in which it operates since 2009. The company is prepared to provide the complete solution for mobile payments, develop mobile phone technologies (recharge and payment), and produce SIM Cards, main products in this business unit, with the safety and excellence this market requires. After acquisition of Valid Spain, in 2010, the company took a leap, starting to operate with its own system of SIM Cards and R&D (Research and Development), a department responsible for developing software and innovation, which allowed it to follow the market evolution. The result is that, in addition to Latin America countries, this business unit has opened new markets in Europe, Africa and Asia, anchored in its solid experience in information security and software and smart cards development. In its wide telecommunications portfolio, we can highlight all services that involve customer’s statement and mobile use technologies, in addition to innovations resulting from digital mobility, such as the solution that gathers NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies for SIM Card and TSM (Trusted Service Manager), destined to mobile phone companies, banks and service providers. Following the mobile digital connectivity trend, Valid became a TSM, which allows it to customize SIM Cards from telecommunication companies remotely (OTA ― over the air), entering the user’s financial data according to the financial institutions’ needs. The transactions are made through NFC technology.