Valid - Identity Solutions
State-of-art technology
for production of security documents
and personal identification

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Identity Solutions

Valid is the major solutions provider for services and products related to security documents and personal identification issues by the public sector. It is responsible for all stages of the process. Its operations include generation of computer-based systems for database management and biometric (picture, signature and fingerprints) and biographic (name, parent’s names, etc.) data collection of citizens, to the delivery of official identification documents. Among its clients are the state governments and federal public agencies. Valid is continuously aligned with new technologies. An example of that is the domain of biometrics used in the National Driver’s License (CNH), with Face-Face Recognition and fingerprint capture using AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). These technologies allow online integration of national and international public safety systems. In its portfolio there are virtually every government agency that require documental security, such as State Traffic Departments - Detrans (driver’s license), Identification Institutes (ID Cards), Class Offices and Boards (cards), Notary’s Offices (seals), Universities (Certificates), Ministry Labor (Work and Social Security Card ― CPTS), National Mint (Polycarbonate Card), IEF (tax electronic printings), Treasury Office (plastic BOPP seal), Seguradora Líder (Certificate of Vehicle Registration) and DBtrans (Toll Tickets). This business unit has an infrastructure of 104 locations for documents issue, 913 service stations and over 2,400 capture stations.


These are some of the solutions offered for Identification systems: