Valid - eUICC: The evolution of the SIM Card


- 30/08/2017
eUICC: The evolution of the SIM Card Back

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing year after year and we are proud to say that Valid has a very strong presence in this industry. The reason for this is one of the new technologies that makes the IoT possible: the eUICC (which stands for Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card), the evolution of the SIM Card. And Valid is fully focused on this technology.

At the start of 2017, Valid’s Research and Development division created a task force for the development of the technology and marketing for the eUICC. In addition, in August Valid announced the acquisition of 5.39% ownership in Cubic Telecom Limited, an Irish company which focuses on the development of M2M connectivity management platforms, whose main component is the eUICC technology.


There is no doubt that the eUICC card is a key component for the use, growth and consolidation of M2M/IoT ecosystems. Especially for the automotive industry, the eUICC technology offers concrete benefits in terms of logistics and generation of new revenue sources.

Automakers can manufacture connected cars in one centralized plant, sell them all over the world, and activate them locally - facilitating logistics. It also opens up the possibility for automobile manufacturers to offer information and entertainment services; one example of this is the successful implementation of Valid’s eUICC chip in the connected cars of a large German automobile company, in partnership with Cubic Telecom.

In addition to the automotive sector, there are several other potential markets that could adopt this technology:

  •          Smart cities and houses
  •          Healthcare
  •          Smart meters
  •          Mobile connections
  •          And more.

Valid has the team, knowledge and technology to create many more success stories within the automotive and other industries. We are experts in eUICC and the IoT. Let’s work together to enable an independent, and highly integrated, world.

 Written by Salvador Cabrera

COO of Payment, Mobile and Services & Solutions - Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East

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