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- 10/07/2017

Blockchain and its Power to Revolutionize the World Economy

If you haven’t yet gotten to know Blockchain, you should start. It’s a distributed, open-code database that uses next-generation encryption, and it will facilitate recording and tracking of all online transactions.

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- 19/06/2017

Mobile payment has come to brands

More than a new payment method, the Mobile Payment technology allows for consumers to have a new experience with brands. There are many opportunities to expand services brands provide

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- 02/05/2017

Smart City: there is intelligent life (and administration) in cities

Cities have never been more populous. To get an idea, in 1950, the decade in which Valid was born, the world population was around 2.6 billion. According to the UN, today there are 7.3 billion of us - half of whom live in urban areas.

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- 11/04/2017

Checklist for a Good IoT Strategy

The Internet of Things, which falls under the Machine to Machine (M2M) market, offers innumerable business development opportunities. It’s something similar to what happened with the emergence of the Internet, or maybe even bigger.

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- 14/03/2017

A new reality for payments

Wearables are moving towards the masses. After a few years of being restricted to the early adopters (consumers who like to try out new technologies, and hence who are great allies in the innovation process), the launch of the devices has generated lessons learned for the financial market, which is now investing in their use on a larger scale.

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