Valid - The most recent Mobile World Congress was marked by the Internet of Things


Barcelona - 15/03/2017
The most recent Mobile World Congress was marked by the Internet of Things Back

Valid was joined by the world’s most important players from the telecom market at the MWC in Barcelona, which was held from February 27 to March 2, to show the solutions that are making peoples’ lives more connected than ever.

The star of the company’s stand was the Audi Connect car, model S4. A success story for valid in its partnership with Cubic Telecom, the car was on display for visitors, who were able to experience technology demonstrations on board the luxury sports car.

It was an opportunity to see from up close the not-so-distant future of smart cars. Its virtual cockpit, minimalist and intuitive, can easily activate phone, navigation and media functions, with no need for the driver to take his or her eyes off the road. The Audi Connect system provides navigation via Google Street View and Google Earth, searches for restaurants, movie theaters, bars, and more. It also offers Wi-Fi inside the car.

Behind this intelligence is the skill offered by Valid, which, in addition to M2M solutions, also showed off its developments in mioSIM and NFC at the MWC, highlighting its competency in technological innovation.

One can’t talk about the IoT without bringing up the matter of security over networks and connected devices, as well as privacy and the preservation of this information. Valid also presented its experience in Trusted Service Managers (TSM), sparking the interest of several partners, analysts and key groups.

In addition to exhibitions at the stand, the largest technology and telecommunications fair featured presentations from many companies from the industry. The buzz demonstrated the need for a strategic debate. Operators who wish to operate as Internet companies, offering consumers content and services originating from analysis of data coming from the users themselves. In other words, giving the consumer what their behavior shows would be of interest. Valid solutions, such as Data Solutions, also point to this trend.

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