Valid - History


A legacy of over five decades proves Valid ability to evolve and provide solutions that meet the constantly evolving market.

  • 1957

    Valid opened its doors in Brazil under the name of Thomas de La Rue, as subsidiary of an English company. Initially, the company provided high security paper and printing technology services, its first expertise field.

  • 1993

    After three decades of growth, the Company was acquired by an American group, which started a large expansion period. From there, it begun to work in developing services, security printing, such as credit cards and documents, and identification system, serving clients in 18 Brazilian states.
    Acknowledged by large brands of the financial market, telecommunications and government agencies, the company solidified its market leadership and became a benchmark for cards (credit, debit, stores and telecommunication), and documents printing, such as checkbooks, bank statements, water and electric bills, etc. It became known for its work issuing the new driver’s license with pictures.

  • 2006

    The company launched its Initial Public Offering selling 57% of its capital stock, reaching a total of R$480 million. In 2010, with a change in the shareholding interest, when the controlling shareholder left, the company name changed to Valid and a new era begun. A new Board of Directors was elected and governance was adapted to the widely held stock model, with the choice of most independent member to form the company’s administration. The company became a Corporation, with 98% of its shares free floating in the market.

  • 2012

    With global presence, the company is in Brazil, Argentina and Spain. In November 2012, Valid consolidated its presence in the United States with the acquisition of Vmark Inc. and its affiliated companies assets for USD 49,4 million, a US leader in cards production and banking solutions. The acquisition reinforced Valid internationalization strategy.

  • 2013

    Valid completed the acquisition process of the American company ScreenCheck North America, LLC, established in Indiana, USA. The company operates as part of Valid USA and was given the name Valid ScrenCheck North America (SCNA). SCNA specializes in digital identification systems and holds an exclusive global license for Polaroid® identification and security products.

  • 2014

    This acquisition processes placed Valid as the 4th largest plastic card producer worldwide. Despite its new identity, the company preserved its long established tradition. Its name defines its strategy of being acknowledged as a business that adds value to shareholders and customers for over 50 years.

  • 2015

    Valid expands its presence to all five continents, with two important acquisitions. The Marketing Software Company (MSC), from the U.S., and the Danish company Fundamenture become part of the group. New solutions are added to the company’s experience to address the constant changes in the markets of Payment and Mobile Solutions, Identity Solutions, Data Solutions and Digital Certification. The capacity to integrate your portfolio and a vocation for long-term relationships are cemented in the company’s mission and vision.