Valid - Companies of the Group

Companies of the Group

Valid is a Corporation-type company, there is, it aggregates several companies in the same group. It currently has seven subsidiaries in Brazil and worldwide: Valid USA, Valid Certifier, Valid Spain, M4U, Interprint, Valid Argentina and Trust. There are five production facilities in the Brazil, five in the US, one in Spain and one in Argentina. In addition to those three countries, Valid is also present in Colombia.

The company entered in the United States two years ago, which took the business to a new level and allowed access to important growing markets. Being in the US reinforces Valid long-term expansion strategy.

With the acquisition of the American company VMark, Valid now has 6,000 associates in Brazil, USA, Spain, Argentina and Colombia.

See the activities of the group companies:

Company Market
Interprint Expert in identification solutions and electronic printing services.
Trust It provides safety printing services (lottery products and SIM cards for prepaid mobile phones).
Valid Argentina It provide services of banking cards, SIM cards and identification solutions.
Valid Certifier Created to provide digital certification services.
Valid Spain Acquired in 2010, it provides SIM Cards. The research and development (R&D) team is located at Valid Spain.
Valid US Acquires in 2012, it offers telecommunication and identification solutions, in addition to provide services to financial institutions (cards and paper) and retailers (gift card).