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About Valid

Carlos Affonso Seigneur d´Albuquerque, Global CEO.The 1950s were marked by great scientific and technological advances. Satellites launched, vaccines created, remote control invented, and so many other great achievements that forever changed humanity. It was during this period of transformation that the company that would later become known as Valid was born.

Since its first day of work in 1957, Valid was already completely dominating the technologies for high-security paper printing. In the decades that followed, Valid continued to be a player on the market, and grew mainly thanks to its ability to keep up with the transformations in the world. Valid has a global presence and a complete portfolio of solutions in Payment Solutions and Mobile Solutions, Identity Solutions, Digital Marketing and Digital Certification.

We are one of the world’s main providers of secure solutions, and we never waver from our focus: the client. Our work over these nearly six decades speaks for itself. We nurture close relationships with our clients, to understand and meet their requirements, adding new technologies, planning new processes, and bringing together highly qualified professionals. We do all this to design a tailor-made solution for every scenario, for each client.

Today, our brand is synonymous with trustworthiness and quality. This is also thanks to the thousands of associates working around the world in Valid’s name. Our officers are the strategy leaders for this company, which is constantly growing and transforming itself.

Antônio Coury – CFO
Daniel Impieri – Global Industrial Officer
Michael Fox – ID Business Unit Officer - USA
Jorge Alberto Hernandez Olvera – Global Payment and Mobile Solutions Business Unit Officer
Marcio Nunes da Silva – Certification Business Unit Officer - USA
Patricia Piñeiro – Human Resources Officer
Salvador Gerardo Cabrera Aguilar – Global Payment and Telecom Solutions Sales Officer
Zenio Rimes – ID Business Unit Officer - Brazil and Latin America

We believe that our efficiency is the result of having qualified professionals who have a complete focus on the client. This makes us prepared to keep up with the evolving world for many decades to come.

Carlos Affonso Seigneur d' AlbuquerqueGlobal CEO